Why I love what I do and wouldn’t change career for the world.

As a young professional and entrepreneur myself, I know the struggles of starting out and taking the first steps towards a self-determined future. Having worked on the global brand strategy of a well-known brand, whilst growing my own online platform at the same time, I was able to acquire the necessary skills and know-how from top of the class Marketing professionals while still preserving a fresh, unconventional way of looking at Marketing solutions.

Why am I so passionate about Marketing?

There are a couple of simply reasons why I simply adore Marketing:

  • Marketing allows you to build an abstract concept of a person or brand which might outlive the “real” company or human being it’s based on. It’s amazing to be able to create something that lasts in an industry which is known for its fast pace.
  • Is it an art? Is it a science? Experts have not found a consensus on how to best categorise Marketing. And that’s fine with me. While I LOVE crunching numbers to figure out the Insights that REALLY matter, I am just so excited by the creatives and how impactful they can be.
  • Working with Marketers is just so much fun as everyone has collaborated on different campaigns in the past and has so many amazing qualities to bring to the table. The personalities you meet in Marketing are just as versatile as the ones you market to.

An extraordinary advertisement without the perfect placement is worth as much as a huge audience but nothing to show them.

Furthermore, Marketing does not equal Marketing. There are so many subfields that are interesting to find out more about that it would be wrong to say that anyone is an expert in all of them. I am certainly not. A day in the life of a Market Researchers will look fundamentally different from someone who works in a creative agency.

The great thing about it is that you can easily use a skill you acquired in one subarea and apply it to another with a high chance of getting some results. Marketing is a lot about thinking on your feet and staying agile. As long as you have these basics figured out there is not much that can straddle you.

Overall, there are so many fantastic people working in this industry creating amazing work that gets noticed that I will certainly create dedicated posts for them.

In the meantime, I will leave you with a couple of ads which are truely masterpieces of 2019.

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