For Christmas I decided to do a bit of a different blogpost. This is a Christmas poem with a Marketing twist. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

What Christmas is really about

A day, so warm and still icy,
food on the table oh so pricey.
Too delicious to eat,
just look at all those veg and the meat.

But the best thing about Christmas, I am telling you,
are the songs, the ads and the smells, too.
This is what makes the whole season so fine,
no theirs, no his, no yours, no mine.

This is for all of us, a present so dear,
it will scare away any fear.
And it changes the atmosphere,
just by being transparent like a snowy mere.

So when does Christmas season really start?
Is it when you start singing your favorite songs by heart?
Or when the first chocolates hit the stores?
Or when the beloved markets open outdoors?

I think it’s really bound to begin once Halloween has passed ,
then it’s time for reindeers and bells in case you’d asked.
And that’s also what most marketers say,
although for them the season really starts in May.

Cause Christmas campaigns don’t plan themselves,
that’s why CEOs need their little marketing elves.
Who plan out every initiative, every ad with so much love and care,
they can’t even wait for it to finally air.

So what really sounds likes whistles in marketers’ ears,
and what leads to the most fanatic cheers,
is to see or hear your work come to life,
this is proof of your ever so strong drive.

To create oh wonderful and efficient campaigns,
(even if it’s for something like snow chains).
Trust me Christmas will only make us happy,
if the jingle was good and the slogan was snappy.

Then end of December comes around and it’s time to look ahead,
four months without Christmas planning makes you even a bit sad.
But then you realize – oh gosh,
Easter is just around the corner and you still have no slogan for that berry squash.

How could you forget that, your boss will be mad,
well it anyway wasn’t so comfy in bed.
So I jump in my boots and start the car,
and finally go back to where all the miracles are.

Yes, you guessed it right, I am going to work,
but I can’t help to still smirk.
Don’t judge me, I just love what I do,
and wish a Merry Christmas to all of your crew.

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