Hey there!

I’m a young Marketing professional based in Vienna who loves to share thoughts on Marketing (especially Advertisement and Social Media), the “city life” and other topics that I am personally interested in (travel, food, yoga, dogs … you get the gist).

I strongly believe that the way to achieve something great for oneself but also for humanity is by sharing experiences and knowledge openly. Together we will always be smarter than alone and I invite you to always join the discussion and to speak your mind freely.

My values

Sharing > Keeping

Knowledge, Experience and Time are the greatest goods each and everyone of us possesses. By sharing we will enrich not only other people’s lives but we will also broaden one’s own horizon.

Head in the clouds, feet on the ground

No one is only creative or only rational. Stop trying to make your identity fit into any specific shape and spend more time on discovering and growing all parts of you.

An open mind & a kind heart

We are different. Otherwise, life would be monotonous and one-dimensional. Be glad that other people think and act differently and meet them with kindness.

Now is your time!

What’s the worst that can happen? Not that bad, ha? Go for it! Now is the time to be and do whatever it is you always wanted in your life.

“Marketing is the result of a blind date between creativity & strategy.”

Victoria Hufnagl

Let’s get together.

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