*GCVB Series* #50 Business and Marketing Coaching with Simon Severino [EN] Marketing Bla Bla

Time stamps: 3:00 35k in 12 weeks 12:10 More time by working more efficiently 13:40 Creating processes 18:50 Enhance the impact by having the best talents in your team 23:30 The Brand "Simon Severino" 28:40 Location of a company does not matter anymore 32:00 Expanding the business means expanding your impact 36:20 DACH regions going global 44:30 Recommendations Conversations with Tyler What is money Raoul Paul: Crypto-Assets, the India Stack, and the Coming Digital Renaissance Simon's Book: Strategy Sprints: 12 Ways to Accelerate Growth for an Agile Business (Release: 22/2/22) The Growth Festival: http://www.strategysprints.com/growth-festival The Strategy Sprints Website: http://www.strategysprints.com More on GCVB: https://germancontent.io Instagram @contentgerman: https://www.instagram.com/contentgerman/ My Website: https://victoriahufnagl.com Instagram @marketingblabla:  https://www.instagram.com/marketingblabla/
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