*GCVB Series* #46 Digital Marketing Updates [EN] Marketing Bla Bla

A casual chat about the latest Marketing Updates (and our personal opinions on them). We hope you enjoy this rather relaxed chit-chat and please do let us know if you would like to hear more episodes like this. 1:40 Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram are down 5:10 Pick the right channel for your content (Don't use LinkedIn for purely personal purposes) 14:00 How to post on LinkedIn effectively 17:30 What was working a couple of years ago might not work anymore: Social Media is changing 19:20 Working together to understand SEO better 22:20 Which brand has a good connection to its customers? The Top 5 in Austria 35:20 Playstation vs. XBox Baby got Business-Podcast Episode mentioned: Social Media Marketing Special – Snapchat Marketagent BRAND.Diamonds – Study: https://b2b.marketagent.com/media/10aoqpo4/pressecharts_brand-diamonds_september_2021.pdf More on GCVB: https://germancontent.io Instagram @contentgerman: https://www.instagram.com/contentgerman/ MyWebsite: https://victoriahufnagl.com Instagram @marketingblabla:  https://www.instagram.com/marketingblabla/
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